How to Prepare Your Rig for the Rubicon Trail

Can My Rig Handle the Rubicon?

Rock rash, mechanical failures and body damage can and do happen on this trail and any driver intent on bringing their own rig should be aware of the risks. If you think you can get through the whole Rubicon trail without a scratch of any kind anywhere, you should probably NOT go on this trip—scraping and scratches happen with even the most skilled drivers.

Not only should your rig be in top-form maintenance, but if your vehicle doesn’t have the following MINIMUM requirements, we will not even consider it for a Barlow Adventures guided trip. We have developed these minimums for the general capability and comfort for a long trip to be enjoyable by the majority of clients. Can a lesser vehicle make it through? Yes, but it will take considerably more time, with a much higher risk of damage. Even if your vehicle does have these, we may still decline to accommodate your vehicle based on other factors, like gearing ratios versus driver experience, vehicle condition concerns, or safety worthiness.

Read and download our PDF guide below for a full rundown on vehicle requirements for the Rubicon.

2 thoughts on “How to Prepare Your Rig for the Rubicon Trail

  1. we are thinking of hiring your company and for the Rubicon trail this summer

    Are there different requirements for a 2007 FJ cruiser
    I have

    3 inch lift
    bud built: skid plates and sliders
    33 inch tires
    after market front and rear Warn bumbers

    curious about:

    do I need a snorkel
    front steering arm protection

  2. Download and read the PDF she lists above – not vehicle dependent, so should work for your FJ(s).

    Snorkel is not on the list, you shouldn’t be doing any deep water crossings, but maybe added filtration for the engine? Seems a good air filter would help here, IMO.

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