Month: September 2017

How to Be a Trail Access Advocate

By Nena Barlow

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At some point while out exploring in your Jeep, you will come to a “Road Closed” sign on a trail. Maybe you just got into four-wheeling, and you decide you need to learn more about where to go. Or maybe this was a trail you have wheeled on since you were a kid, and suddenly there is a locked gate on it. Either way, it dawns on you that somewhere, someone is making decisions about the places where you get to recreate. How do you get a say in that?

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How To: Moab For First-Timers

By Nena Barlow

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Moab. You hear the name whispered in reverence throughout the Jeep world. If you are planning a wheeling trip Moab for the first time, there are some things you should know about visiting and driving the trails there.

First, there are some driving techniques that are specific to red rock country. The sandstone offers some amazing traction —we call it “sticky.” This exceptional traction means you will be able to climb surreal inclines and hang off of heart-pounding sidehills, but it also means that horse-powering your way up an obstacle is more likely to snap axles and grenade differentials than other terrain types that allow more wheel spin. It takes a lot more torque to break traction here, so slow and steady is usually the best first approach.

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Nena Barlow, Chris Mayne Rebelle Rally Team Announces Ram Truck Sponsorship

The Rebelle Rally team of Nena Barlow (Sedona, Ariz.) and Chris Mayne (Paris, France) today announced the team’s official support from Ram Truck for the 2017 second annual running of the all-female event. Ram Truck will be named the official truck of the Barlow/Mayne team -- Team 4 Corners – and provide the team with its entry: an unmodified 2017 Ram Power Wagon.

Barlow and Mayne will be aiming for a podium finish overall and a repeat win in the Bone Stock category, driving the Ram Power Wagon in the competition exactly as the model rolls out of the factory.

Nena uses Ram Trucks to guide 4wd trips and support her Jeep rental business in Sedona AZ, Moab UT and Georgetown CA.
Chris generously shares her experience and advice with competitors in last year’s Rebelle Rally.  Photo by Nicole Dreon

Nena Barlow will fill the role of driver, while Chris Mayne fills the right seat as a seasoned navigator.  Both women bring strong driving and navigating skills to the team, and could swap roles if necessary.

“I was very proud of the Bone Stock Award last year, and we are aiming for that one again,” said Barlow.  “The Ram Trucks are incredibly tough and capable, without any special equipment or upgrades necessary.  I want to inspire people to take theirs out to explore!”

Nena Barlow comes with more than 20 years of experience in the 4wd industry. She is the owner and operator of Barlow Adventures, a Jeep rental and 4WD training company, and certified by the International 4WD Trainers Association. Though considered well-known in the 4wd world, the 2016 Rebelle Rally was her first competitive off-road event.

Chris Mayne is a rally veteran on multiple continents, with last year’s inaugural Rebelle Rally under her belt, as well as 12 Rallye de Gazelles in Morocco and 2010 winner of the Rallye de Princesses in France.

Mayne, a communication officer for a major auto manufacturer, says: “Crossing the Atlantic for the first Rebelle Rally last year was a total challenge and the best opportunity to discover new horizons. No doubt this new Rebelle with Nena will bring its share of excitement.”

The Rebelle Rally is a navigation and four-wheel-drive event taking place this October and crossing the deserts of the southwestern United States. Last year, the inaugural year for the Rebelle Rally, Barlow competed in a 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel. She and teammate Kande Jacobsen brought home the Bone Stock award, for attaining the most points in an unmodified vehicle, and an overall third-place finish.

The Rebelle Rally is unique in the U.S. It’s not a race for speed, but rather a competition of precise navigation using only map and compass. It takes place over seven days and more than 1,000 miles on a top-secret route of back roads, across deserts and over mountains between Lake Tahoe, Nev. and San Diego, Calif. No GPS or any electronic navigation is permitted. Thirty-six teams completed the competition last year, with more than 40 expected this year.

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About the Ram Power Wagon

The Power Wagon is the predecessor of every four-wheel-drive pickup in America.

Dating back to 1945, the Ram Power Wagon’s heritage holds a distinctive position in the Ram Truck lineup as the ultimate expression of engineering innovation and off-road capability.

The first generation served America’s military in the Second World War. When the G.I.s returned, they wanted a four-wheel-drive truck that would work as hard at home, as it did on the war-front.

The Power Wagon nameplate was initially produced from 1945 through 1980. Early trucks were based on the Weapons Carrier (WC) series of Dodge ¾-ton military-use trucks built during World War II. The Power Wagon went on to become a well-known civilian vehicle. The iconic truck was reintroduced in 2005 and now exists as an independent model in the Ram Truck lineup.

From the original, to the Power Wagons of the 1950s, the 1980s and the modern era of Power Wagons, the line’s 70-year mission has never wavered. That mission – quite simply – is to be the ultimate off-road truck.

What makes the Ram Power Wagon the segment-leading off-road truck is purpose-built hardware – everything from a 12,000-pound Warn winch to disconnecting sway bars, front and rear locking differentials, aggressive 33-inch tires and under-chassis armor that surpasses other pickups.

Power Wagon’s unique axle and off-road suspension package is designed to clear obstacles and translate its enormous power and torque to all-terrain traction.

Ram Power Wagon’s capabilities include 14.3 inches of ground clearance, 26 inches of wheel travel and 30 inches of water fording.