Barlow Pro Guide School

Train with renowned guide and certified 4wd trainer Nena Barlow in the 4wd capital of the world, Moab, Utah.  

This training is made to challenge you mentally and physically. This is not a vacation. You will not necessarily enjoy every moment of this. It will be hard work, long days and odd hours filled with difficult tasks. You will be judged. You will be graded. But you will develop and advance your skills to become the best 4wd guide you can be.

Pro Guide School: Moab, Utah

Upcoming dates TBA
Graduates receive a Barlow Adventures 4WD Guide Certification. Accommodations and Barlow Jeep rental included.

$1750 per person


You must submit an application (see Application and Terms & Conditions for requirements of applicants). Applications are due April 1, 2017. If your application is approved for attendance, payments and documents must be received by the dates as listed in the Terms & Conditions.

4wd Skill - Seems obvious. If you want to be a 4wd guide, you should be able to 4wd. However, having the skill to do it yourself is a different thing than being able to lead or even teach others how to do it. We will work to improve both.

Physical Fitness - 4wd guides must have agility, stamina, the ability to walk over uneven ground all day, and crawl in, out and under trucks when necessary. Can you change an 80-pound tire? Can you hike 5 miles while guiding newbies across rough terrain?

Leadership - Whether you are guiding for hardened military operatives or first time offroad enthusiasts, the ability to communicate effectively with your current audience and motivate them to continue in the intended direction is critical.

Mechanical Skill - Though a good guide does not necessarily need to be a certified auto technician, you should be able to problem solve a variety of common offroad mechanical issues. Who knows what can happen at any time?

Recovery Skills - Winching up a hill, hi-lifting off a rock, getting a 4x4 unburied out of sand or mud--these are all things that a 4wd guide can do in their sleep!

Mental Fortitude - This training will not be a vacation. We will have unpredictable hours and challenges. You can go home whenever you want, but there are no refunds, credits or partial certifications.

Trainability - You don’t need a college degree to be a great 4wd guide, but life experience, self-education, and recognizing that you can never “know it all” are important traits of guides and instructors.

Storytelling - Tell us a joke. Give us an impromptu biology lesson on the local fauna. Tell us why those rocks are that color. Good guides communicate effectively for a richness of experience, not just for movement logistics.

Moving forward - While this training is aimed at professional guiding, it is a good step towards professional 4wd instruction, an even more demanding skillset.

What is included

  • Five days of unparalleled training and hands-on experience
  • Six nights shared accommodations in adjacent condos
  • Jeep rental during training period
  • Welcome Dinner, Graduation Dinner
  • Training tools and equipment

What is NOT included

  • Travel to and from Moab
  • Meals (a training-oriented potluck plan will be arranged, so you will not have to hunt for every single meal)
  • Gas - the vehicles will be shared, you will be responsible for filling the Jeep you used at the end of each day

No courses scheduled at this time, but if you think you have what it takes to be a 4wd guide, please contact us for more information.

$1750 per person

10% Deposit required to hold your place if your application is approved. Balances due according to Terms & Conditions.