Glamis Sand Dunes CA

Learn to Drive and Navigate in the Dunes

The Glamis Sand Dunes are one section of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in California. This dune system extends for more than 40 miles, with some dunes rising to of over 300 feet above the surrounding desert. The dunes are a well-known local landmark, film and TV location, and popular OHV area. Barlow Adventures is now offering Rebelle Rally inspired 4wd training and navigation courses in this unique and challenging environment. Barlow Adventures operates by permit in the ISDRA.

3-Day Dunes and Navigation Course

Learn how to navigate safely and effectively through sand dunes. Three days of Rebelle Rally-inspired training, led by Nena Barlow, in a variety of hands-on skills, including:

  • Driving techniques: pace, line choice and vehicle controls in sand dunes
  • Recovery methods, priorities and safety
  • Navigation, focusing on intermediate map and compass techniques

Barlow Adventures will provide:

  • Imperial Dunes permit
  • Whip flags
  • All course materials and demonstration equipment
  • Rental Jeeps as required (additional fees apply)

Attendees are responsible for travel costs to and from the course location, gas, food, and accommodations or camping equipment. On-site Camping cost is included (with restrooms), with basic cooking equipment available. Renting a Barlow Jeep includes tent rental. If you do not wish to camp, hotel accommodations are available in Yuma or Brawley (about 30 min drive from training area).

Some 4wd experience is required. This is not training for brand new beginners—this is a skill-building class, especially aimed at Rebelle Rally participants and those interested in gaining similar skills and experience. Some basic navigation experience is also required. Participants should understand the fundamentals of a compass and topographical map. A basic REI compass class is adequate.

Registered participants will receive a detailed itinerary, recommended packing list and meet location.

Vehicle requirements: 31” or taller tires, skid plates, recovery points.


3-Day Course
$575 your own vehicle (1-2 people)
$1350 Barlow vehicle (1-2 people)

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