Sedona Jeep School

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Barlow Adventures offers private, custom 4WD instruction amid the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, AZ. This is where it all began with the original Sedona Jeep School and we're still at it! An experienced instructor will give you the hands-on training needed to safely and responsibly navigate famous Sedona trails like Broken Arrow and Soldier Pass. Plus, you'll build confidence and learn the nesessary skills for negotiating rough terrain just about anywhere.

The most effective and efficient learning experience is a private course tailored to your specific skills, vehicle set-up, and needs—one on one with an expert instructor to address all of your questions and particular interests. Private courses are available on a flexible schedule and location calendar. Contact us for details.

A seasoned 4x4 instructor rides with you to provide constant driving feedback and discussion on some of the most scenic trails in the Southwest.

Private half-day with your vehicle $295
Private full-day with your vehicle $525

Private half-day with a Barlow Jeep $590
Private full-day with a Barlow Jeep $850

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