Sedona Jeep School

Learn 4WD Basics in a Private Workshop

Barlow Adventures announces new private 4wd training opportunities in Sedona, Arizona! These workshop-style courses teach the fundamentals of off-pavement travel, including 4wd modes, tire pressure, traction control options, and basic tools and equipment.

Offered in 1, 2 or 4 hour blocks, each course can be tailored to meet your vehicle and goals. Training workshops can include:

$75  One-hour workshop: When to use 2-high, 4-high and 4-low, how to shift into 4wd, off-road modes available in your vehicle, and tire pressure.

$125  Two-hour workshop: All topics above, as well as in-depth 4wd information, vehicle modification advice, and basic tools and equipment.

$225  Four-hour workshop: All topics above in greater detail, as well as basic recovery equipment, and winch and Hi-Lift safety and operation.

Private workshops take place at our Sedona store shop and back lot obstacle area. These courses are NOT conducted on Sedona's USFS trails. We are happy to provide recommendations and maps of local trails for you to explore independently.

For more information call us at 928-282-8700 and press option 3

Sedona Jeep School Cancelation Policy:
7 days notice 50% refund
Less than 7 days non-refundable

Please use the form below to inquire about custom private 4wd courses in Sedona

Sedona Jeep School