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Sedona and Moab are NOT alike

Although we operate Jeep rentals stores in both Moab and Sedona, and the rental requirements are the same, the capacity for groups and adventure is vastly different.

Sedona has always been more like a National Park than a recreation area, with limited trails, high concentration of visitors, and busy year-round, but even more so lately. Sedona is NOT for people who are looking for adventurous driving experiences and the sport of offroading. What few trails we have are geared towards showing you amazing scenery, archaeology and natural history--great for picnics and photos, poor for driving adrenalin challenges.

If driving adventure is what you are seeking, Moab is your place, not Sedona. In Moab, we are also permitted to offer full 4wd training and guide services from beginning to advanced driving and recovery.

For Sedona, we have updated our requirements in order to do our part to minimize trail congestion as well as streamline the rental process for our guests.

1. Two Jeep limit per party. There are very few trails in Sedona that are practical for multi-vehicle parties, due to width, general usage, and parking. For permitted events and special destination needs like weddings, we will consider larger parties. It is critical to us that drivers are able to stay within the existing footprint of the trails, and respect the limitations of the trails.

2. Due to limited Jeep rental availability, and for your convenience when you arrive to pick up your Jeep, we require the declarations page from your auto insurance policy before we  confirm your reservation.

Thank you to our wonderful customers for continuing to respect the rare and precious trails that we have in Sedona!


Day trip distance from Phoenix
Known for spas, art galleries, and healing centers
Hiking capital of the U.S.
Small, minimal parking trailheads

Destination travellers, no major cities nearby
Known for mountain biking, 4-wheeling, rock climbing and rafting
Jeep capital of the world
Many developed 4wd trailheads with ample parking

2021 Rental Requirements Have Changed

2021 Rental Requirements Update

If you have ANY questions about our rental requirements before requesting a reservation, PLEASE call our staff! We are happy to help make your trip as smooth as possible. 928-282-8700

  • Appointments only – call or request online!
  • Auto insurance declarations page required to confirm reservation

Make your Jeep rental appointment by calling: 928-282-8700, or request online. Due to hot summer days and staff shortages, our store hours are adjusted to our scheduled appointments. If you just stop by the store without an appointment, you may find it closed for downtime.

Please send us your required auto insurance declaration page by phone pic or email scan as soon as you request a reservation in order to confirm your reservation and to minimize your check-in time. See here for details.

We are utilizing social distancing and open air service at our locations. If you would like our staff to wear masks in your presence, please do not hesitate to ask.

In Sedona, note that we have a two Jeep limit per party, in order to avoid trail congestion. Weddings and special destination permitted events may receive an exception--call for details: 928-282-8700.

We support responsible recreation! Please ask us if there is anything we can do to help you enjoy our trails respectfully.

Sedona Sustainable 4WD Day

Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, 2021

Apply to be one of eight people selected to join us for a special Earth Day 4wd course! We are looking to train a few people who can be ambassadors to help us spread education and awareness of responsible 4wd techniques that preserve trails, respect multiple access, engage other users in a positive way, and do our part every time we are on trails. Spend the day with Nena Barlow on some rugged 4wd backroads of the gorgeous Sedona area.

This hands-on course will cover 4wd driving techniques, trail etiquette and basic recovery procedures that respect the terrain, as well as look at the interests of other users, like UTV’s, non-motorized bikers and hikers, campers, and ranchers.

Perfect for the outdoor recreation-oriented driver who wants to use 4wd to explore and enjoy the backcountry responsibly, and help raise awareness of sustainable practices for all users.

How to apply:

  1. Meet the vehicle and course requirements listed below
  2. Apply by emailing no later than March 19, 2021. Tell us:
    a) Your name and phone number (your info will NOT be shared)
    b) Your vehicle description, and photo of it
    c) The reason you want to take this course
  3. Post this on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed, using the hashtag #Sustainable4WD

Chosen applications will be announced on Tuesday, March 22.

Vehicle requirements:

1. Jeep Wrangler or similarly capable rig with minimum 31″ tires, 4L, recovery points front and rear. Factory skid plates ok. Stock vehicles welcome.
2. Must be registered and insured as a street legal automobile.

Course Requirements:

1. Participants must be 18 or older, with valid drivers license and insurance.
2. No children or pets.
3. Additional guests must be approved and registered in advance.
4. Participants must be in physical condition capable of walking up and down steep hills in loose terrain, standing or walking for 20-30 minutes, and operating outdoors in dust,  heat or cold, wind or possible rain for 8 hours.

Recommended gear: Work gloves, long pants and tough closed-toe shoes, lunch and water. Arrive with a nearly full tank of gas, and a functioning spare tire.

Course length: 7-8 hours

Fee: None! This is a free course to those who are selected.

Cancellation Policy: 14 days notice is urgently requested.

Itinerary: 9 am meet time near Sedona AZ. (Location will be disclosed to registered participants). Finish approximately 4 pm.

Insurance requirements to rent a Barlow Jeep

One of the most confusing things about renting a Jeep from us is our insurance verification requirement. We require that you provide proof of your own full coverage personal auto policy. Barlow’s does not sell collision coverage, like big rental car companies do. You are responsible for any damages to the Jeep while it is under rental contract to you, so we have found that it is best for us all to make sure you have the coverage you need before you take the Jeep. We understand that insurance coverage is confusing. The information needed is not usually found on your standard-issue ID card—we need your declarations page from your policy. What we are looking for is that you have liability, comprehensive and collision coverage that will cover you in a rented automobile with a minimum replacement value of US$50,000.
Since this process can take time, we strongly recommend that you send us your documents by email in advance. This will both minimize the time it takes for you to pick up the Jeep when you get to the store, and avoid disappointment if you don’t have the coverages at that moment.

Another important point: as a rule, we can only accept commercial coverage for corporate rental contracts arranged in advance, with enough time to have the appropriate certificate issued to us.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. Happy trails!

Team 4 Corners Announces New Truck and Navigator

Sedona Arizona: As the October 8 start date of the Rebelle Rally rapidly approaches, Nena Barlow and Ram Truck announce the 2020 team navigator role and reveal the truck with which the rally team will compete this year.

Tana White competed in both the 2016 and 2019 Rebelle Rallies.

Team 4 Corners, the Rebelle Rally team partnership between Nena Barlow and Ram Truck, is proud to announce that Tana White will jump into the role of navigator. The planned navigator, Chris Mayne of Paris, France, must step out for the 2020 Rebelle Rally due to current travel restrictions to and from France. Fortunately for the team, Tana is a seasoned Rebelle Rally navigator, willing and available to step in at this late stage of rally preparation.

Tana comes to the team with two previous Rebelle Rallies under her belt, including the inaugural 2016 rally. Tana hails from Cashmere, Washington, where she lives with her husband, Brad, and their twin boys, and has been active outdoors her whole life with four-wheeling, camping and hiking. She works as an occupational therapist and clinical manager and is a repeated Ram Truck owner. She defines her motto as “Life is too short to be controlled by ‘what if’ and ‘if only’.”

Team 4 Corners is also announcing plans to pilot a Hydro Blue 2020 Power Wagon from Ram Truck. The Power Wagon is the heavy-duty off-road model based on the Ram 2500, weighing in at 7,300 pounds, with 410 hp, 429 lb-ft of torque, and total length of 239 inches, which will likely make it the largest thing on the course this year

“I am always excited to drive any of the extremely capable and comfortable offroad Ram Trucks in the Rebelle Rally. Each has its advantages, and it’s fun to show what any of these full-size trucks can do, exactly how they are available from the dealer lot” says Barlow.

The 2020 Ram Power Wagon is built for heavy-duty use in any terrain.

Barlow and White are taking aim at the Bone Stock Award, a special award that goes to the highest scoring team driving a vehicle in completely stock factory condition. In previous years of the rally, Barlow drove a 2016 Ram Rebel, 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and 2019 Ram Rebel, bringing home the Bone Stock Award in two of those three years.

The Rebelle Rally will take place next month from Lake Tahoe, California, to Glamis, California. It is an off-road navigation-based competition, travelling about 2,000 km in seven days, using only map and compass, no GPS. More than 40 teams, all women, drive production vehicles seeking checkpoints across the deserts of Nevada and California.

More Information

For more information on the Rebelle Rally, visit
Follow the rally live from October 8-17 on:
Live tracking on the rally website:

To follow Team 4 Corners, rally team #129:
Facebook: @4CornersRallyTeam

Instagram: @4CornersRallyTeam

Tana, with her husband, Brad, their twin sons, and their 2017 Ram 3500.

Ram Trucks Partners with Nena Barlow for 2020 Rebelle Rally

Ram Truck announced today a renewed partnership with Nena Barlow to compete in the 2020 Rebelle Rally. This will be the fourth time for Barlow in the Rebelle Rally with Ram Trucks, having brought home the Bone Stock Award and other trophies for podium finishes in previous years.

Barlow’s rally team “Team 4 Corners” plans to once again engage veteran navigator Chris Mayne from France. Barlow and Mayne competed together successfully in the 2017 and 2018 rallies. Although the team did not complete in the 2019 rally, Barlow did make an appearance on the rally’s media team on the final day, co-driving with skiing legend Wendy Fisher. Barlow also continues to provide 4wd instruction for many participants in the rally, while Mayne competes in and provides navigation instruction for many overseas rallies.

In their daily lives, Barlow operates a 4wd training, guiding and rental business, Barlow Adventures, and Mayne works in PR for an automotive manufacturer in Europe.

Ram Truck has yet to announce details about the vehicle that Barlow will be piloting for this year’s rally, but one of the premises of the Rebelle Rally is limited vehicle modifications, including stipulations such as a maximum allowed tire height of 35-inches. A special award, the Bone Stock Award, goes to the highest scoring team driving a vehicle in completely stock condition, just as it came from the factory. In previous years of the rally, Barlow drove a 2016 Ram Rebel, 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and 2019 Ram Rebel, all just as they came from the factory.

The Rebelle Rally is an off-road navigation-based competition, travelling 1200-1400 miles in 7 days across the deserts of the western United States, using only map and compass. No GPS or outside help is allowed, and the course is a closely guarded secret. Over 40 teams, all women, drive production vehicles in either 4x4 or Crossover class, seeking checkpoints with varying degrees of navigation and driving challenge.

This year, the Rebelle Rally takes place October 8 to 17, 2020, from Lake Tahoe, in Northern California, across the Nevada desert, ending in the famous Imperial Sand Dunes, better known as Glamis, in Southern California.

For more information on the Rebelle Rally, visit

To follow Team 4 Corners:

Facebook: @4CornersRallyTeam

Instagram: @4CornersRallyTeam

We are open!

Through all of the uncertainty, one thing remains true. We have wonderful customers. We want to extend a big “thank you” for being a part of what we do, following us on social media, sending us your great photos, and calling us just to say hi during the last couple of months.

State orders will allow us to open up our full Jeep rental schedule starting May 16th. Our trips and training will also resume, since our events have always been small groups, outdoors, and each party in their own vehicle.

Of course, there are a few changes to the way we need to do business to keep our guests and staff safe. Sarah says “everyone expects things to be all differenty.” We find that with our business already about getting out in a Jeep with just your own family, we didn’t have to make as many changes as we thought, so we feel lucky that we can get back to having fun with you, at the small cost of trying to keep some spacing, and wearing masks when you are at the store with us.

Here are the details on our updated policies and procedures:

  1. Jeep rentals by appointment only. To allow our staff to properly disinfect our workspaces, equipment, and vehicles we will be open by appointment only, with only one group booked per hour. If you have visited our stores before, you know how small that front office can get when two or more parties try to squeeze in. And one party at a time will make it fun to really customize your plans and ideas for your excursion. To make appointments, just give our rental team a call, or book a Jeep rental on our website. Of course, if you are just in town on a whim, by all means, call us–if we have room at that moment, we are happy to get you in a Jeep!
  2. Face masks, physical distancing. Everyone agrees that physical distancing, and even better for you to be outdoors than indoors, is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. Our staff is required to wear masks, but since we are not able to maintain good physical distance throughout the rental process, like when we talk over trails and introduce Jeep operations to you, we will also require our guests to wear face masks while at our store. (We actually considered many different possibilities: “Trail talk by Zoom?”, “Plastic bank teller screens at the map desk?”, “YouTube videos followed by written quizzes?”–needless to say, masks were the least painful, especially if you have seen our videos…!) If you do not have your own mask, we can provide you with one. Once you leave the store, you don’t have to wear a mask on trails or in the Jeep. And you won’t have to wear one to check back in when you return the Jeep–we can do the inspection with good physical distance. We understand that this can cause difficulties for some. If you have any concerns about your health or physical needs for this procedure, please call us to discuss, and we can work with you to make some arrangements for your situation.
  3. More cleaning. Our rental team uses stringent disinfecting protocols on all of our vehicles, as outlined by the CDC. Our Jeeps already had a reputation of being squeaky clean, so we just leveled up. Now, they get a double disinfecting process–the aerosol treatment upon return, some good Southwestern sunshine and fresh air, then a last wet disinfectant wipe down throughout before going out again. Everything from door handles and turn signals, to seatbelts and radio dials get a double-dose for your peace of mind.

If you are ready to get out of the house, we would love to see you!

A New Website for Sedona Jeep Rentals

Drive Your Own Tour in Sedona

In order to better serve our rental guests in Sedona, Arizona, Barlow Adventures has spun off Sedona Jeep Rentals to a dedicated website of its own! Easier to navigate but continuing our full line of Sedona rental services, offers the same high quality Jeep JL Wranglers and expert guidance you've come to expect from Barlow's. Plus, we've added an all new IG feed with up-to-the-minute reports on Sedona trail conditions!

This website ( will continue as home for our popular 4WD Trips and Training courses, as well Jeep rental operations for our Moab, UT location. Please visit Sedona Jeep Rentals for all of your 4WD fun in Sedona. As always, thanks for adventuring with us and happy trails!

Gladiator Comparison

By Nena Barlow
This article originally appeared on

After months of waiting for my ordered Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition, I was dying to throw on a few “Barlow” modifications and hit the trail, and I needed to answer one question: How does the Gladiator measure up? Though I have argued that the Gladiator should be compared to other midsize trucks, like the Tacoma, Ranger, and Colorado, in the end I stuck with what I know best and sized up the Wrangler and Power Wagon against the Gladiator.

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The Secret to Good Trail Teamwork

By Nena Barlow

This article originally appeared on

When Ken Brubaker of Four Wheeler magazine, Jp’s sister publication, asked me to guide the first Overland Adventure, one of my biggest concerns was how to bring together a group that was going to be far more diverse than the usual all-Jeep run. With everything from rock crawling Wranglers to overland monsters like John Marshall’s U-600 Unimog, and a smattering of various off-road trailers, the vehicles and the experience of the participants were vastly different. We planned to travel from Wickenburg to Prescott and onward to Overland Expo in Flagstaff—via 260 miles of backroads over three days. What came of this eclectic event was a lesson in teamwork and camaraderie unparalleled in any other large groups I have led.

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