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Moab: Lockhart Basin Guided Trip 5/7/22-5/922

Lockhart Basin 3-day Expedition

Location: Moab, Utah

Date: Saturday, May 7 to Monday, May 9, 2022

Description: The Lockhart Basin Expedition is a training trip for the off-roader looking for a deep backcountry experience. Travel through some of the most remote and stunningly beautiful red rock desert in North America as you learn everything from proper driving techniques to manifold cooking to navigational skills and vehicle recovery.

This combination exploring/training trip includes the following:

  • Three days and two nights in Utah's rugged backcountry
  • Expert 4wd training through a variety of terrains
  • Navigation training
  • Vehicle recovery (getting unstuck)
  • Vehicle readiness
  • Manifold cooking and meal preparation

Vehicle requirements: Jeep Wrangler or similarly capable high-clearance rig with minimum 33″ tires, 4L, recovery points front and rear. Factory skid plates ok. 

Course Requirements: Register in advance. Participants must be 18 or older. Work gloves, etc.

Course length: 3-days

Use your vehicle: $1295 per vehicle, 1-2 people (an instructor will talk to you about your rig), price includes taxes.

Additional guests: $95 (3rd guest + in same vehicle)

Cancellation Policy: 14 days notice 50% refund, Less than 14 days non-refundable

Contact us for booking information

928-282-8700   press option 3

Sedona and Moab are NOT alike

Although we operate Jeep rentals stores in both Moab and Sedona, and the rental requirements are the same, the capacity for groups and adventure is vastly different.

Sedona has always been more like a National Park than a recreation area, with limited trails, high concentration of visitors, and busy year-round, but even more so lately. Sedona is NOT for people who are looking for adventurous driving experiences and the sport of offroading. What few trails we have are geared towards showing you amazing scenery, archaeology and natural history--great for picnics and photos, poor for driving adrenalin challenges.

If driving adventure is what you are seeking, Moab is your place, not Sedona. In Moab, we are also permitted to offer full 4wd training and guide services from beginning to advanced driving and recovery.

For Sedona, we have updated our requirements in order to do our part to minimize trail congestion as well as streamline the rental process for our guests.

1. Two Jeep limit per party. There are very few trails in Sedona that are practical for multi-vehicle parties, due to width, general usage, and parking. For permitted events and special destination needs like weddings, we will consider larger parties. It is critical to us that drivers are able to stay within the existing footprint of the trails, and respect the limitations of the trails.

2. Due to limited Jeep rental availability, and for your convenience when you arrive to pick up your Jeep, we require the declarations page from your auto insurance policy before we  confirm your reservation.

Thank you to our wonderful customers for continuing to respect the rare and precious trails that we have in Sedona!


Day trip distance from Phoenix
Known for spas, art galleries, and healing centers
Hiking capital of the U.S.
Small, minimal parking trailheads

Destination travellers, no major cities nearby
Known for mountain biking, 4-wheeling, rock climbing and rafting
Jeep capital of the world
Many developed 4wd trailheads with ample parking

2021 Rental Requirements Have Changed

2021 Rental Requirements Update

If you have ANY questions about our rental requirements before requesting a reservation, PLEASE call our staff! We are happy to help make your trip as smooth as possible. 928-282-8700

  • Appointments only – call or request online!
  • Auto insurance declarations page required to confirm reservation

Make your Jeep rental appointment by calling: 928-282-8700, or request online. Due to hot summer days and staff shortages, our store hours are adjusted to our scheduled appointments. If you just stop by the store without an appointment, you may find it closed for downtime.

Please send us your required auto insurance declaration page by phone pic or email scan as soon as you request a reservation in order to confirm your reservation and to minimize your check-in time. See here for details.

We are utilizing social distancing and open air service at our locations. If you would like our staff to wear masks in your presence, please do not hesitate to ask.

In Sedona, note that we have a two Jeep limit per party, in order to avoid trail congestion. Weddings and special destination permitted events may receive an exception--call for details: 928-282-8700.

We support responsible recreation! Please ask us if there is anything we can do to help you enjoy our trails respectfully.

We are open!

Through all of the uncertainty, one thing remains true. We have wonderful customers. We want to extend a big “thank you” for being a part of what we do, following us on social media, sending us your great photos, and calling us just to say hi during the last couple of months.

State orders will allow us to open up our full Jeep rental schedule starting May 16th. Our trips and training will also resume, since our events have always been small groups, outdoors, and each party in their own vehicle.

Of course, there are a few changes to the way we need to do business to keep our guests and staff safe. Sarah says “everyone expects things to be all differenty.” We find that with our business already about getting out in a Jeep with just your own family, we didn’t have to make as many changes as we thought, so we feel lucky that we can get back to having fun with you, at the small cost of trying to keep some spacing, and wearing masks when you are at the store with us.

Here are the details on our updated policies and procedures:

  1. Jeep rentals by appointment only. To allow our staff to properly disinfect our workspaces, equipment, and vehicles we will be open by appointment only, with only one group booked per hour. If you have visited our stores before, you know how small that front office can get when two or more parties try to squeeze in. And one party at a time will make it fun to really customize your plans and ideas for your excursion. To make appointments, just give our rental team a call, or book a Jeep rental on our website. Of course, if you are just in town on a whim, by all means, call us–if we have room at that moment, we are happy to get you in a Jeep!
  2. Face masks, physical distancing. Everyone agrees that physical distancing, and even better for you to be outdoors than indoors, is the best way to prevent the spread of disease. Our staff is required to wear masks, but since we are not able to maintain good physical distance throughout the rental process, like when we talk over trails and introduce Jeep operations to you, we will also require our guests to wear face masks while at our store. (We actually considered many different possibilities: “Trail talk by Zoom?”, “Plastic bank teller screens at the map desk?”, “YouTube videos followed by written quizzes?”–needless to say, masks were the least painful, especially if you have seen our videos…!) If you do not have your own mask, we can provide you with one. Once you leave the store, you don’t have to wear a mask on trails or in the Jeep. And you won’t have to wear one to check back in when you return the Jeep–we can do the inspection with good physical distance. We understand that this can cause difficulties for some. If you have any concerns about your health or physical needs for this procedure, please call us to discuss, and we can work with you to make some arrangements for your situation.
  3. More cleaning. Our rental team uses stringent disinfecting protocols on all of our vehicles, as outlined by the CDC. Our Jeeps already had a reputation of being squeaky clean, so we just leveled up. Now, they get a double disinfecting process–the aerosol treatment upon return, some good Southwestern sunshine and fresh air, then a last wet disinfectant wipe down throughout before going out again. Everything from door handles and turn signals, to seatbelts and radio dials get a double-dose for your peace of mind.

If you are ready to get out of the house, we would love to see you!

Barlow’s Pet Policy

All of us at Barlow’s are pet lovers, so we are committed to doing everything we can to be able to allow people to bring their pets with them. If you are considering travelling with your pet, please take the time to read all of the following.

We have a limited number of Jeeps available for guests who want to bring their pets with them in the Jeep. Advance reservations are strongly recommended, as these Jeeps do fill a long ways in advance for many dates. If a pet-friendly Jeep is not available on the day you wish to go, we can offer you alternate dates, or you can find other arrangements for your pet. We will not make exceptions as to which Jeeps allow pets, out of respect for our other guests.

If any pet hair is found in a Jeep that is not designated pet-friendly, a $150 cleaning fee will be applied. However, minimal cleaning fees will only be applied to our pet-friendly Jeeps if there is excessive hair throughout the Jeep, vomit, feces, etc. For our pets, we have seat covers to minimize pet hair and damage, and maximize pet safety and comfort. Under most circumstances, no cleaning fee will be applied to our pet-friendly Jeeps.


It is critical that guests discuss their pets with us in advance, because there are other circumstances of which pet owners must be aware:

  1. Hair and scratches takes much longer to clean so Jeep can be ready for next guest. Because many of our customers are sensitive, we have pets limited to certain Jeeps.
  2. Parks and archaeology sites. Pets are not allowed on hiking trails in National Parks or Monuments, and never at any historic or archaeological sites. We want to help you plan a day with trails you can enjoy with your pet.
  3. Safety and security. Our moderate and adventurous trails are not appropriate for pets, if they are not secured or accustomed to the bouncing and steep angles. We don’t want to see pets injured from being dumped off the seat on steep hills, or injure other occupants in their desperate attempt to find some way to “hold on.”

Note that smoking is not allowed in the Jeeps at any time, and often not on the trails due to fire restrictions.

How To: Moab For First-Timers

By Nena Barlow

This article originally appeared on

Moab. You hear the name whispered in reverence throughout the Jeep world. If you are planning a wheeling trip Moab for the first time, there are some things you should know about visiting and driving the trails there.

First, there are some driving techniques that are specific to red rock country. The sandstone offers some amazing traction —we call it “sticky.” This exceptional traction means you will be able to climb surreal inclines and hang off of heart-pounding sidehills, but it also means that horse-powering your way up an obstacle is more likely to snap axles and grenade differentials than other terrain types that allow more wheel spin. It takes a lot more torque to break traction here, so slow and steady is usually the best first approach.

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Moab Summertime Special!

$295 24hr Jeep Rentals All Summer Long!

Explore the amazing 4x4 trails of Moab at a special discounted Summertime rate! 24 hr Jeep rentals are just $295 for a custom equipped, 2 or 4-door Barlow Adventures Jeep. Our Jeeps are top-of-the line Jeep Wrangler Rubicons, professionally modified for Moab's adventurous trails and back roads. Packed with convenient and comfortable features like automatic transmissions, air conditioning and satellite radio, our Jeeps will get you out there and back in style. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will show you how to properly use the features of your Jeep, as well as give you some driving tips to handle any trail you choose. We speak Jeep, and can also provide service for our experienced wheeling friends.

All Barlow Jeeps in Moab come standard with:

  • 3" suspension lifts
  • 33-35" heavy-duty off road tires
  • Extra undercarraige armor
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Air conditioning/heat
  • Full hard doors for safety and comfort
  • AM-FMRadio/CD/MP3-compatible/XM Satellite Radio

$295 a day rate good at our Moab location only. Regularly $325 a day. Price good through September 4, 2017. 3 and 7 day specials also available!

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Up Lion’s Back: One Last Climb On An Iconic Obstacle

By Nena Barlow
This article originally appeared on

One of the most iconic off-road obstacles on the planet is the famous Lion’s Back in Moab. Located on private property, it has been closed to the public since it was sold in 2004. With special permission from the current owner, Jeep was able to coordinate one more run on this amazing piece of rock.

It started with a passing conversation between the property owner and Scott Brown of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles about how cool it would be to do something really special for the 50th Easter Jeep Safari and the 75th anniversary of Jeep. Out of the blue comes a call from Scott that all the legal paperwork had been done and to ask if I am available to guide the climb in just a couple of days (Thursday, March 24, 2016) for a sunrise photo shoot on Lion’s Back. Yes was the only answer. This was a big secret, as neither the property owner nor Jeep wanted to attract a crowd.

We met in the predawn hours of Thursday morning to prep the Jeeps and their drivers for the endeavor. I was to right-seat for Mark Allen, head of Jeep design, in a 75th Anniversary Edition Wrangler. Tyler Ruby, Jeep Wrangler brand manager, was to follow us in the Wrangler Red Rock Limited Edition. Jim Repp, vehicle development manager, would tail gun in the 75th Anniversary Grand Cherokee, with John Marshall (a friend and guide) as his right-seat. On cameras were Chris Collard, Jay Bernard, Brad Stanley, and a few other social media team members somewhere off in the bushes. After a quick driver briefing and a cue from the photographers that all was ready, we started our ascent in the twilight. We were all very excited, with a keen appreciation for the uniqueness of the circumstances.

Lion’s Back is one of those obstacles that looks much more intimidating than it is diffcult. In fact, if you have driven the gatekeeper ?n on Moab’s Hell’s Revenge, you have survived much narrower rock than Lion’s Back. If you have driven up Kenny’s climb on Moab’s Fins N’ Things, you have driven much steeper than Lion’s Back. However, Lion’s Back is tall. Very tall. Very, very tall. It’s about 350 feet tall.

All went smoothly as our Jeeps slowly crawled up the fin. I was excited to be there, but it didn’t give me an adrenalin rush— yet. The view from the top was breathtaking. We reached the turnaround spot, and I glanced down off the side—now the adrenalin was flowing! The emotional and physical impact of just how high in the air we were struck me. There are parts of your body that clench up and refuse to go anywhere near the edge. I stepped out of the Jeep to help Mark turn around. The physical reality is that the two-door could easily do a three-point turn on top, but the sphincter takes over and it becomes an 11-point turn to avoid looking down into that chasm of certain death.

We took in the sunrise view, posed for photos, congratulated each other, and then took a collective deep breath and started down. It always seems steeper on the descent than it does on the ascent, but we reached the bottom uneventfully. While we were all celebrating the first drive on Lion’s Back in 12 years, Tyler said something that really struck me as significant. “These are the first JKs to ever drive on this!” he remarked. And they are likely the only ones that ever will.

As I drove away from this momentous event, it occurred to me that Jeep is not just selling vehicles. From design to engineering to marketing, the key people at Jeep really do live and breathe the Jeep lifestyle of four-wheeling, outdoors, fun, family, and friends. They too want all the cool gadgets, to run the cool trails, and respect and preserve all of it for future generations to continue to enjoy.

Special thanks to Lionsback Resort, a full-service hotel and conference center soon to open, for allowing this all to happen.

Our Moab Location has Moved!

Big News at Barlow's!

Our new store location in downtown Moab at 284 N. Main Street is now open! All of us at Barlow Adventures look forward to serving you at our new, easy to find, easy access location in beautiful downtown Moab, UT. It's been a hectic week for the Moab crew relocating from our old Highway 191 location at Rock Plaza, but the painting is done, the Jeeps are moved, the signs are up, and we are open for business! We are very excited to offer the same great rental Jeeps, 4wd training, and expert guide services our customers have come to expect, and we're looking forward to many happy years as part of the Moab 4x4 community! Same Moab phone number as before:

(435) 259-3195 or toll free: 1-888-928-JEEP

Book your next visit online, or come see us at our new Moab location soon!

Barlow Adventures Moab

284 N. Main St.
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: 435-259-3195