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The Road to Adventure

The awe-inspiring canyon country around Moab, Utah is interlaced with a vast network of unpaved backroads. Some are mild and relatively easy while others offer heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat 4WD excitement. It’s a big country, and most trails are by-products of the 1950’s uranium boom, today re-purposed as recreational trails. Here you’ll find sand, slick-rock, broken talus, impossibly steep climbs, hair-raising descents, cliff-hanging ledges, hundred-mile views, native rock-art, dinosaur tracks, and, just for fun, the occasional patch of quicksand. It would take a lifetime to explore every crooked mile of these trails – a worthy goal – but here we describe just a few of our favorites, the trails most likely to be explored on a Barlow Adventures trip.

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Recommended Moab Trails

Fins N Things


Fins is a classic Moab red rock trail – or rather network of looping trails located just outside downtown Moab in the Sand Flats Recreation Area (fee required). Here we cover some of the key points of 4-wheeling and vehicle dynamics. Climb up and down steep red rock fins, with a few ledges and sandy spots. With great views of the snow-capped La Sal Mountains this is a perfect introduction to Moab 4-wheeling!
Seven Mile Rim


Sevenmile Rim is a big favorite of ours. This trail offers everything: views, rocks, arches, views, ledges, sand, and views. Stock rigs can negotiate this trail with some challenge, but even built rigs will have fun, too. About 30 miles roundtrip from town.
Poison Spider

One of Moab’s most famous Jeep trails with a variety of obstacles amid the surreal landscape of Poison Spider Mesa. This trail boasts a number of fascinating viewpoints, geological wonders, and non-stop fun. Some of the named obstacles include “The Waterfall” and “The Wedgie.” About 20 miles roundtrip from town.

Recommended with guide ONLY!

Hell’s Revenge

This is the quintessential Moab slickrock Jeep trail. Like driving on waves of red sandstone, with the gorgeous La Sal Mountains for a backdrop, this is a non-stop slow-motion rollercoaster ride (though the trail doesn’t stop, you will frequently for views and obstacles)! Some of the more famous named obstacles include “Hot Tubs”, “Dragon’s Tail” and “Tipover Challenge.” Located in the Sand Flats Recreation Area (fee required), about 15 miles roundtrip from town.

Recommended with guide ONLY!

Guide Services

To get the most out of your trip, you may want to book one of our experienced backcountry guides, and some Moab trails are rated for use with “Guide Only.” A Barlow Adventures guide is required for use of our Jeeps on the following trails:

  • Poison Spider
  • Cliffhanger
  • Moab Rim
  • Metal Masher
  • Rose Garden Hill
  • Flat Iron Mesa

Learn more about Barlow Adventures Guide Services here.

Non-recommended Trails

We want you to have fun, but be aware that use of our equipment is at your own risk and renters are responsible for their own safety and for vehicle damage. Due to safety concerns and the high probability of damage, we DO NOT recommend using Barlow Jeeps on the following trails:
  • Pritchett Canyon
  • Behind the Rocks
  • Golden Spike
  • Kane Creek Canyon
  • Rusty Nail
  • Area BFE (private land)