Team 4 Corners Announces New Truck and Navigator

Sedona Arizona: As the October 8 start date of the Rebelle Rally rapidly approaches, Nena Barlow and Ram Truck announce the 2020 team navigator role and reveal the truck with which the rally team will compete this year.

Tana White competed in both the 2016 and 2019 Rebelle Rallies.

Team 4 Corners, the Rebelle Rally team partnership between Nena Barlow and Ram Truck, is proud to announce that Tana White will jump into the role of navigator. The planned navigator, Chris Mayne of Paris, France, must step out for the 2020 Rebelle Rally due to current travel restrictions to and from France. Fortunately for the team, Tana is a seasoned Rebelle Rally navigator, willing and available to step in at this late stage of rally preparation.

Tana comes to the team with two previous Rebelle Rallies under her belt, including the inaugural 2016 rally. Tana hails from Cashmere, Washington, where she lives with her husband, Brad, and their twin boys, and has been active outdoors her whole life with four-wheeling, camping and hiking. She works as an occupational therapist and clinical manager and is a repeated Ram Truck owner. She defines her motto as “Life is too short to be controlled by ‘what if’ and ‘if only’.”

Team 4 Corners is also announcing plans to pilot a Hydro Blue 2020 Power Wagon from Ram Truck. The Power Wagon is the heavy-duty off-road model based on the Ram 2500, weighing in at 7,300 pounds, with 410 hp, 429 lb-ft of torque, and total length of 239 inches, which will likely make it the largest thing on the course this year

“I am always excited to drive any of the extremely capable and comfortable offroad Ram Trucks in the Rebelle Rally. Each has its advantages, and it’s fun to show what any of these full-size trucks can do, exactly how they are available from the dealer lot” says Barlow.

The 2020 Ram Power Wagon is built for heavy-duty use in any terrain.

Barlow and White are taking aim at the Bone Stock Award, a special award that goes to the highest scoring team driving a vehicle in completely stock factory condition. In previous years of the rally, Barlow drove a 2016 Ram Rebel, 2017 Ram Power Wagon, and 2019 Ram Rebel, bringing home the Bone Stock Award in two of those three years.

The Rebelle Rally will take place next month from Lake Tahoe, California, to Glamis, California. It is an off-road navigation-based competition, travelling about 2,000 km in seven days, using only map and compass, no GPS. More than 40 teams, all women, drive production vehicles seeking checkpoints across the deserts of Nevada and California.

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Tana, with her husband, Brad, their twin sons, and their 2017 Ram 3500.

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