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Owner Nena Barlow grew up in the Southwest, exploring the back roads by Jeep, horse, and hiking boots. She has been in the Jeep business since 1996, providing tours, 4wd instruction, location scouting, offroad event planning, trail mapping & photography, and recovery. Nena has logged thousands of hours in the backcountry behind the wheel of a Jeep, with additional off-road experience in Hummers, Unimogs, Fords, Toyotas, and Nissans. She says, “The most important things about four-wheeling are to let the vehicle do the work—don’t overdrive it; and never take any trail for granted—go slow, pay attention, and never be ashamed to turn around and go home.”

Nena is a certified Master Trainer by the International 4wd Trainer Association. Barlow Adventures instructors endure (enjoy?) years of training before leading classes, and come from extensive backgrounds in various outdoor sports, emergency services, and education. This is not a weekend job–this is what we DO!

What makes a great 4×4 Instructor?

First, our instructors must be expert drivers in a variety of terrain and with an understanding of the mechanics involved with different types of 4-wheel-drive vehicles. Rocks, mud, sand, and snow each offer their different challenges and our instructors have extensive experience in all of them and in a vast range of 4×4’s.

Second, our instructors must be experts at instructing. There are plenty of gifted and experienced four-wheelers out there, but being able to communicate those abilities effectively is a whole different skill set. Our instructors represent the select few who demonstrate the ability to provide a client with a course that is relevant to his or her level and skill.

Last but not least, a great 4-wheel-drive instructor not only has nerves of steel, but never forgets that this is FUN!

We’re here to help

All of the staff at Barlow Adventures are passionate about what they do. Nobody knows Jeeping better! We specialize in helping visitors find the right trails for them, and instructing them in how to use the Jeep easily and safely, wherever they may choose to go. We are not just “turning you loose”—we are available to help or answer questions every step of the way. We love to hear all about your adventures when you come back, too. And don’t forget to send us your pictures!

Most of us are long-time residents of the southwest and come from backgrounds as tour guides, mechanics or 4×4 instructors. We also enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, and many varieties of outdoor enjoyment, so we are more than capable of and happy to help you with any aspect of your outdoor excursion.

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